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Pacer Air Freight was established 30 years ago by our father. From a business operation that started with one van, we have grown into a close-knit team of relentless problem solvers.

Family and a ‘can-do’ attitude are at the core of our philosophy. Our employees and customers are part of our extended family. This is the key to our success, as we strive to stay flexible, innovative and adapt to your needs.

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We believe that a freight forwarder should fulfill the client’s requirements. We work for you, and we will never say “it can’t be done”! If there is an issue, or if your shipment won’t make a cutoff time, we work around the clock to find an alternative.

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We treat each client as a partner. After all, we are often the face of your organization as we are the ones making the final delivery to the customer. We work closely with you to understand your business and develop operating procedures so that each delivery is seamless and reflects the high standards of your organization.

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Since we took over the family business, we have expanded our capabilities and now own and operate out of 20,000 sq ft warehouse in Mississauga, and we also opened an office in Los Angeles. We also shifted from being a generalist freight forwarder to a specialized provider for the health sciences, entertainment and high-tech sectors.

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Somewhere around the world, there are people depending on their medications arriving on time, there is a multi-destination event that cannot afford a single delay, or an airplane that urgently needs a repair part. This is where our strengths shine: we are a 24/7 operation, with a global network that helps us deliver your high-value cargo on time and in perfect condition.

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Meet the Team

Whenever you have a shipment that is irreplaceable and must arrive as quickly as possible, give us a call. We are happy to help.

- Mike, Steve and Ryan Stopay